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October 20, 2012

Cleveland, Ohio (PRWEB) November 21, 2012.  EDI Mapping Tool.

1 EDI Source, Inc. proudly unveils a faster, more intuitive map designer and mapping engine EDI Mapping Tool for use with its EDI software, EDI/HQ™

In addition to significantly cutting map design time, the company’s Generation 3 Map Designer and Mapping Engine offers an updated design interface and an engine that maps EDI data much faster than the company’s previous EDI software mapping tool.

1 EDI Source’s new map designer and mapping engine will be available for use later this month. This feature-packed tool offers dozens of advanced EDI mapping capabilities to enhance the user’s overall EDI software experience. As an added value, 1 EDI Source will offer free upgrades to the Generation 3 Map Designer and Mapping Engine for existing EDI/HQ clients and automatic conversion of existing outbound maps.

Like the rest of EDI/HQ, the new map designer is written completely in Microsoft.NET for maximum performance and 64-bit support. With the newly designed interface, users can customize their view to show as much or as little detail as they want. In addition, 1 EDI Source’s user acceptance testing data reveals that the new map designer and mapping engine allows EDI/HQ clients to build maps much faster than with previous versions. Testing results also indicate that the speed of EDI data processing has significantly increased with the Generation 3 Mapping Engine.

“At 1 EDI Source, we not only listen to the needs of our clients, but we take an active approach to helping them increase the efficiency of their business processes,” said Vince Sarowatz, director of product development, 1 EDI Source. “We are excited about the advanced functionality of the Generation 3 Map Designer and Mapping Engine. We are confident that the increased speed of this EDI data mapping engine and other advanced features will help companies make better use of their time and resources.”

1 EDI Source’s EDI/HQ software empowers businesses to control every aspect of their EDI operations. Designed as three tools in one, this software features EDI translation capabilities, data mapping and integration, and in-depth data management capabilities. The new map designer and mapping engine is the latest of several upgrades to the EDI/HQ software over the past month. In September, 1 EDI Source introduced a new release of its EDI software which featured advanced encryption capabilities, improved visibility and reporting functionality, and data filtering enhancements.

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