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February 28, 2014

How can you reliably ensure you only extract transactions once from your backend system?

One of the tricks in using outbound file definitions is ensuring that there are no unwanted duplicates extracted or sent to trading partners. While the duplicate transkey checking can prevent duplicate from being sent, this is not the recommended method. Depending on use, duplicates could still be sent. Additionally, since EDI/HQ would be filled with many unsent transactions, using this as the stop for sending duplicates is not the optimal method.

Many times extra tables or fields are added to the backend system in order to track and manage whether transactions have been pulled and prevent them from being extracted again. It’s not a secret, but EDI/HQ also has this functionality built in, with features that allow you to manage the extracted transaction. It’s simple to setup and use, solving an oft-needed problem that many companies encounter.

EDI/HQ solves the problem of managing outbound transaction processing by letting you define a “primary key” for the extracted data and prevent the import of duplicate transactions using this defined key. The option to prevent duplicates from being imported allows you to specify an extraction group. We don’t tell you how to assign this “extraction group” but instead let you decide. Often users will have separate groups for the ASN and the invoice keys, especially if the same value is to be used for both of these transaction types. Once these options are set up in the file definition(s), we’re ready to roll.

As transactions are extracted from the backend system and imported into EDI/HQ, we track the keys just as you’ve defined them, ensuring to not extract transactions that have already been pulled. Once the transactions have been imported into EDI/HQ, you can view the transactions and allow the re-import of specific transactions if warranted (as in the case where a transaction needs to be re-exported from the SQL database). Users have found this to be quite simple to use when changes have been made in the backend that require a document to be re-sent. Letting the end user control the extraction of the data without necessarily going into the backend system, and possibly manually manipulating fields, can streamline your EDI processing.

Letting you easily control the flow of your EDI is just one of the ways 1 EDI Source has added functionality and practicality into EDI/HQ. We’re striving to improve the best EDI management software available. Call us today to see how easy it can be to manage your outbound EDI!