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March 31, 2011


North Bergen, NJ 1:1 – Update

Effective March 26, 2011, the Macy’s Routing Guide was modified to exclude vendor shipments coming from the North Bergen 1:1 area and consigned to West Sacramento, West Johnson, and Cheshire Direct from routing through the North Bergen 1:1 Center. Vendors shipping to these distribution centers are asked to follow the new routing instructions described below.

Macy’s 1:1 (North Bergen):

All vendors shipping from 3-digit zips 005, 010 – 089, 100 – 149, 169, 171, 175 – 198 and M3J must follow the below instructions (except for the exclusions noted below, which do not ship through the 1:1 Center):

Follow Macy’s National Pick-up Schedule based on vendor’s shipping origin zip code (refer to chart in Section 13.0, Macy’s Routing Guide).

Submit all POs, cartons and weights into macysnet, regardless of Macy’s division, no less than 2 business days and no more than 14 business days prior to the Ready to Ship (RTS) date.

Orders will be planned for pick-up on the next scheduled pick-up day, at the earliest, based on PO InDC date.

All freight must be loaded by recipient Macy’s DC destination.

Vendors must continue to follow the current BOL procedures (see, page 11, Macy’s Routing Guide).

All BOLs should be consigned to the appropriate DC (see, pages 18 and 19 for BOL examples, Macy’s Routing Guide).

Macy’s (DC Destination) Logistics DC – (Destination DC Code)

c/o NRT North Bergen
2820 16th Street
North Bergen, NJ 07047
Exclusions: Follow appropriate instructions within the Macy’s Routing Guide based on specified commodity and refer to Macy’s National Pickup Schedule, section 13.0 in Macy’s Routing Guide.
Commodity Origin / Zip Code (3-digit) Destination / Distribution Center
ALL 005, 010 – 089, 100 – 149, 169, 171, 175 – 198 and M3J West Johnson, West Sacramento & Cheshire Direct
ALL 060 – 127 and 180 – 196 Secaucus
Fine/Bridge/Fashion Jewelry, Watches, Direct to Store, Bloomingdale’s Special Handling, Food, Candy, and Other Perishable Goods 005, 010 – 089, 100 – 149, 169, 171, 175 – 198 and M3J ALL

Any questions regarding the pending change should be directed to the Macy’s Transportation Office at (678) 406-7200.

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