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July 14, 2009

Effective August 31, 2009, the Macy’s Stores identified in the chart below, which currently are serviced by the Macy’s Mission Rd or City of Industry Distribution Centers (DCs), will instead be received by the Macy’s Goodyear Fulfillment Center.

From and after August 31, 2009, the Goodyear will act as a receiving facility for the Macy’s Stores listed above and in the chart below due to the distance of these stores from the Macy’s Mission Road and City of Industry, DCs. Macy’s Goodyear Fulfillment Center will be recognized as DC location (AZ). For routing information use the Routing Guide posted on www.macynet.com. Accordingly, from and after August 31, 2009, all small ticket and soft home merchandise must be shipped directly to:


Macy’s Goodyear Fulfillment Center – (AZ)
16575 West Commerce Drive
Goodyear, AZ 85338


Note: All UCC-128 shipping labels must provide the correct DC address. EDI Instructions: Macy’s Purchase Orders with an “in DC date” of August 31, 2009 or later, must follow this routing change and all EDI documentation must be updated accordingly. The EDI 856 Map Specs must reflect the correct information and each ASN must use the new DC code EDI N1-ST = (AZ) in the N104 data element. Also: …

    • Your ship notice must be in our system before your shipment arrives at the Goodyear receiving dock.
    • Each shipment must have a UCC 128 label and all required zones completed, reflect the new address listed above, and include a valid SSCC 128 bar code providing the ability to scan the label upon arrival.
    • Label must be placed on the outside of the carton and be clear of any internal label or packing slip envelope overlay.

Macy’s recognizes that this is a major change for our vendors and appreciates your partnership in this initiative. Accordingly, we ask that you please:

  • Refer to the attached chart to confirm store numbers
  • Use www.macynet.com for shipment routing
  • Contact Macy’s Transportation Office at 678-406-7200 with any questions regarding this change in procedure
  • Contact the EDI office at 513-782-3182 or 513-782-1873 with questions on EDI mapping



Macy’s Stores Moving from Mission Rd DC and City of Industry DC
Goodyear Fulfillment Center
16575 West Commerce Lane
Goodyear, AZ 85338


Store Name Store Number
Scottsdale 450
Biltmore Fasion Park 451
Arrowhead Towne Center 452
Chandler 453
Paradise Valley Mall 454
Tucson Mall 457
Park Mall 458
Superstition Springs 459
Fiesta Mall 460
Metro Center 462
San Tan 465