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September 2, 2010

Macy’s National Pick up Schedule

In our continuing effort to improve service and reduce costs, Macy’s Transportation Office (MTO) will be introducing the National Pick up Schedule for all non-1:1 vendors.

The use of this program will further simplify routing and improve transit for our Trading Partners. MTO has introduced and implemented the 1:1 program in the Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast regions. Effective August 2, 2010, we are now introducing the National Pick up Schedule. All vendors shipping from locations outside of any 1:1 zone will follow the below instructions:

*This notice only applies to vendors shipping from locations outside of any 1:1 zone.

NOTE: This notice excludes 1:1 vendors, Fine/Bridge/Fashion Jewelry, Watches, Direct to Store, Bloomingdale’s by Mail and Furniture and Bedding. Please continue to follow routing instructions for these categories as specified in the routing guide until further notice.

– Vendors shipping from locations outside of any 1:1 zone should refer to the routing guide for the scheduled entry and pick up day(s).

– All PO’s, cartons and weight, regardless of Macy’s division (i.e., Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and macys.com), must be submitted via Macysnet www.macysnet.com.

– All shipments will be systemically combined by MTO to determine the optimal assignment of shipments to pickup appointments.

– Ship projects submitted via Macysnet will receive authorization/appointment number. This authorization/appointment number must appear all BOL’s and must be noted in the “Special Instructions” box.

– Vendors must continue to follow the current BOL procedures posted in the Macy’s Routing Guide for multiple Macy’s divisions shipping to the same DC (i.e., Macy’s Master BOL).

– All shipments with an authorization/appointment number must ship freight collect on the carrier assigned by MTO. Every BOL must have a unique number by distribution center that is transmitted on the EDI 856. It is essential that the shipment information submitted to the carrier exactly match the EDI 856 (ASN).

July 23, 2010