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June 29, 2010

Macy’s Consolidation Program- 1 EDI Source update

In our continuing effort to improve service and reduce costs, Macy’s Transportation Office (MTO) will be introducing the Macy’s 1:1 program to utilize regional truckload pickups of multiple less-thantrailerload shipments destined for one or more Macy’s DC’s from a single ship point.

These regional pickups will then be combined through a cross-dock facility with similar LTL shipments from other vendors in the pickup area to create highly-cubed trailerload line hauls direct to specific destination DC’s. The use of this program will further simplify routing and improve transit for our Trading Partners, while controlling freight cost.

As MTO has introduced and implemented the 1:1 program to the Northeast and Southwest regions, we are now introducing the 1:1 program to the Southeast region. Effective July 19, 2010 all vendors shipping from 3-digit zips 239 – 241, 270 – 287, 291 – 298 zip codes 38464 and 37416 will follow the below instructions:

NOTE: This procedural change excludes Fine/Bridge/Fashion Jewelry, Watches, Direct to Store, and Bloomingdale’s by Mail. Please continue to follow routing instructions for these categories as specified in the routing guide until further notice.


    • Vendors shipping from the above 3 digit zips should refer to the routing guide for the scheduled entry and pick up day(s).
    • All PO’s, cartons and weight, regardless of Macy’s division (i.e., Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and macys.com), must be submitted via Macysnet http://macysnet.com.
    • Entries that result in a 2500 cube or greater shipment to a single DC will be routed as direct truckloads and are not included in this program.
    • All shipments other than direct truckload eligible movements will be systemically combined by MTO to determine the optimal assignment of shipments to pickup appointments.
    • Multiple ship projects submitted via Macysnet may receive the same authorization/appointment number upon routing.
    • This authorization/appointment number must appear all BOL’s and must be noted in the “Special Instructions” box.
    • Vendors must continue to follow the current BOL procedures posted in the Macy’s Routing Guide for multiple Macy’s divisions shipping to the same DC.
    • All shipments with an authorization/appointment number must ship freight collect on the carrier assigned by MTO.
    • Every BOL must have a unique number by distribution center that is transmitted on the EDI 856. It is essential that the shipment information submitted to the carrier exactly match the EDI 856 (ASN).
    • Every purchase order included in a shipment must be clearly and accurately noted in the body of the BOL, showing all P.O. numbers, total carton count and corresponding weights for each Purchase Order.
    • Do not add an expected delivery date or declare value on either BOL. … All BOL’s should be consigned to the appropriate DC (see below examples).
    • Single shipments greater than 2500 cube to a single DC should be consigned to:

      Example # 1

      Macy’s (Destination DC) Logistics DC – (DC Code)
      City, State and Zip

    • Single authorization/appointment number(s) with multiple DC locations should be consigned to:

      Example # 2

      Macy’s (Destination DC) Logistics DC – (DC Code)
      c/o Dynamic (Greensboro)
      7500 Business Park Drive
      Greensboro, NC 27409

Your cooperation is anticipated and very much appreciated. If you have questions regarding this notice, please contact Macy’s Transportation at 678 406-7200.