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February 27, 2008

New Requirement for LOWES Trading Partner and shipping 

211 MOTOR CARRIER BILL OF LADING between Vendor and LTL-Core Carriers assigned to LOWES

1 EDI Source has been notified that trading partners are now required to setup the 211 MOTOR CARRIER BILL OF LADING EDI transaction or begin entering “Bill of Lading” information on their carriers website for LOWES shipments by July 31st.

Click here to review the notice from June 4th from Steve Palmer Vice President of Transportation at Lowes. (See page 5 – Vendors must implement EDI 211 (EBOL) with Lowe’s Core Carriers by July 31,2007.

If you have any questions regarding this update or to get started with an implementation plan for the EDI 211 … document please contact a 1 EDI Source Solutions Consultant at (877) 334-1334.