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April 6, 2010

Lord & Taylor has developed new EDI document mapping specifications and is requiring that all of their vendors make the appropriate changes to comply with these EDI documents. As a part of this initiative it is required that you have your EDI documents tested by DiCentral to assure that they meet these new Lord & Taylor specifications. A copy of the project notification letter to vendors is attached for your reference.

In order to make arrangements to test your documents for Lord & Taylor, please call me so that we may discuss the requirements. For your convenience, the specifications are provided on the testing web site. Lord & Taylor will also have multiple documents to test and they would like to start with the 850, 855 and the 997, with additional documents to be tested soon. DiCentral will inform you of when these additional documents are ready. This will not impede your ability to test the 850, 855 and 997 currently and test the rest when they are available. The price to test is $250.00.

To learn how your company can easily meet Lord & Taylor’s EDI trading requirements, visit the website at www.dicentral.com

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