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July 6, 2010

Ensure EDI Success through Back-Up Process

When you think about backing up files on your desktop, server or mainframe computer, do the thoughts or excuses “I have everything I need on paper”, “I am just too busy to backup my files” or “my system will never crash” ever come to mind?

Backing up your critical as well as non-critical files can be the most time saving and rewarding process you can ever accomplish with your computer. When you think about items that may almost impossible to re-create without a backup copy available, does your email contact address book come to mind?

What would you do if all of your business contacts that you worked for years to build suddenly disappeared without a trace during the next thunderstorm? How about those vital cost reports due in three days to your number one customer? How about your Sales Order and Invoice files required for your next IRS audit? Frightening to say the least.

If you had a backup of your most important folders and files, peace of mind (and wallet!) could be had by simply restoring contents of your backup tapes, CD’s or external drives to your pc or server.

The extent to which your system needs backing up is always the hardest question to answer since different levels of users have different needs and requirements. Once you identify the files necessary for restoring your system to the same point as prior to your data loss, you will be able to select the most effective method of saving those files and put your backup plan to work. …

There are a multitude of ways to save data whether it be to a complete failover system, an external hard drive, an on-line storage site, a backup tape system, or as simple as a box of CD-R’s available from your local retailer, just be sure to select a process and stick to it!

You may have heard this before:

There are only two types of hard disks–those that have failed and those that will. By making it your motto to always be prepared you can safe your company valuable time and money when a data system failure occurs. For more information on backing up your EDI system, please contact your EDI Technical Consultant here at 1 EDI Source.