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July 11, 2012

A recent article posted on ebizq put the cost of bad data at $3 Trillion every year! Duplicate, missing, incomplete, or incorrect data costs companies money every day.

A great way to reduce this problem is to take advantage of tools included in ED/HQ™. Data conversion, data manipulation, email, and job automation are easy to use in EDI/HQ™.

EDI/HQ™ helps you ensure the integrity of data entering your systems, as well as the data you are sending to your trading partners. With EDI/HQ™’s data conversion tool, you can easily set up cross-referencing for part numbers. Ensuring only the correct products are ordered and shipped. This can save countless time and money.

Data manipulation and mapping is also easier than ever! From simple counters, stabilizing date fields, to the loved IF statements. The most common mapping operations are simple double click to add in EDI/HQ™. The preview and hover preview make map editing and operator testing easier.

The ability to email EDI alerts directly from EDI/HQ™ allows quick responses to errors, or delays. Alternatively, issues with incoming orders can also be handled smoothly. You can also email Purchase order reports, listing Products and Quantities to your production team. EDI/HQ™ contains a variety of email alerts to make getting started easy.

Job automation included in EDI/HQ™ allows you to automate the repetitive tasks – great for backups, the sending and receiving of files, as well as report generation and sending emails.

EDI/HQ™ makes EDI and system integration easier than ever. With the huge cost associated with bad data, not to mention the headaches, the best solution is prevention. From data conversions, data manipulation, reporting, email notifications, and job automation EDI/HQ™ helps you ensure only the correct data is used. EDI/HQ™ can make you a super star!