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September 12, 2017

JCPenney is requiring current vendors to perform testing with OpenText.

OpenText EIM system is being implemented to support their ongoing Omni Channel business initiative.

In July 2017 JCPenney announced a consolidating of their ordering processes for all their stores and eCommerce channels leading to changes in several systems and compliance requirements for their vendor partners; the implementation of OpenText and testing being the newest update.

Read About JCPenney’s Enterprise Ordering Consolidation Here.

The testing program is anticipated to start Mid November 2017 and go through Mid April 2018. With the announcement, JCPenney distributed an Onboard & Testing vendor survey with a designated completion date, and OpenText will be contacting suppliers with their specific testing time frames in the next few weeks. For any questions regarding the survey, contact OpenText at RetailCommunity@opentext.com.

All previous communications regarding this and other vendor projects are archived by JCPenney in the Bulletins section of their Supplier Portal under EDI JCPenney, additional information can be found in the EDI Guidelines and FAQ links.

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