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November 14, 2012

When it comes to International Business and EDI, knowing that your EDI translator can process both, ANSI X-12 (American National Standards Institute, X-12 Committee) and EDIFACT (Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce, Transportation) transactions, for the versions published by these organizations, allows your company to conduct international business with multi-national corporations.

Allow 1 EDI Source, Inc. to show how to import, map and route business application data to the proper business entity within a multi-national corporation regardless of the global location. We know International Business and EDI!

Let, 1 EDI Source show what a truly world-class translator EDI/HQ™ can do to improve your business.

1 EDI Source can also show how to process intra-company transactions that must flow back and forth, between unlike business applications, such as SAP, Oracle, AIX, etc… While many companies in the current business environment are managing multiple business applications, due to acquisitions and mergers, 1 EDI Source can show you how to integrate the data that must be shared, using our world-class software, EDI/HQ™. For more information, log on to 1 EDI Source or call us at 877-334-1334