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May 29, 2009

EDI Complete can import a wide variety of file types as application data to be turned into raw EDI.

Using outbound file definitions you are able to import files containing data in such formats as XML, fixed length records, SQL Query and several others without the need for manipulating data prior to import. Creating a file definition can be a very easy one-time setup. Once the outbound definition is set up, EDI Complete has the ability to allow you to add the definition to a process to run automatically.

Outbound file definitions are very flexible. If your backend system outputs the same file format for a specific transaction but goes to different customers and/or vendors, you may not have to create separate file definitions. There is a list of properties available for you to utilize during setup, one of which allows you to handle such situations with a simple click of your mouse.

Additional options include:

•Executing a specified external process
•Not creating transactions for which a map is not specified
•Emailing a notification if an existing file contains no valid documents

EDI Complete outbound file definitions are extremely versatile, allowing setups ranging from quite simplistic to very complex and unique files. All the tools needed to create definitions reside within the setup screen and can be easily accessed by a single mouse click. To learn how, contact an EDI Solutions Consultant today.