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EDI Solutions for the Retail, CPG and Grocery Industry

Better Integration & Better Results with EDI Retail Solutions

To achieve success in retail, consumer packaged goods and grocery, you have to keep your customers happy and coming back for more. That means meeting their expectations, every single time. And do to that, you need the speed and accuracy that only EDI retail systems can deliver. Having efficient CPG software can help your business monitor and manage products as they move through the supply chain.

In fact, nearly all successful retail, CPG and grocery companies require EDI compliance from their supply chain and trading partners. EDI for retail ensures everyone is speaking the same digital language, and doing it swiftly, so it’s much easier to respond to changing consumer demand. And if you have trading partners who aren’t quite there on their digital journey, 1 EDI Source has CPG solutions and EDI services to help them on the right path.

EDI Retail

When Retail, CPG and Grocery Businesses Implement EDI Solutions, The Benefits Pay Off

Once your business implements an EDI solution, the benefits will become widespread throughout your organization. From accounting to customer service, shipping to receiving, your company will be empowered to perform even better and your supply chain will be streamlined.

Benefits of Implementing EDI Within the Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Grocery Industries

Cost Reduction

Reduction of cost and reduction of errors, which will benefit both your accounting and trading partner relationship.

Error Alerting

Within your EDI translator, you can create rules for alerting and notification that provide transparency for errors that can lead to issues when sending and receiving documentation.

Quicker Turnaround

Decreased turnaround times between retailers and trading partners with a connected translator and instant visibility into your transactions. This will allow your organization to scale with the market as it grows, and provide quick responses to all your valuable trading partners.

Better Customer Relationships

Utilizing EDI Improves trading partner relationships, allows for direct communication, and creates business continuity; increasing the performance of your complete supply chain.


Seamless EDI communication with your trading partners and a paperless environment provide more time to your IT and other departments to apply to other vital projects, and allows all errors and transaction conflicts to be addressed and resolved all within one user interface.

EDI Visibility

All transactions display in real-time, providing unrivaled visibility with your trading partners and allowing immediate action to be taken when errors arise.

How Our EDI Solutions for The Retail, CPG and Grocery Industry Can Drive Operational Excellence For Your Business

1 EDI Source can help your organization achieve operational excellence and get you fully compliant with your trading partners. We have worked with Retail, CPG and Grocery companies of all sizes and transaction volume needs, and integrated their EDI to work with companies like Amazon, Walmart, Lowe’s, Kroger, Kohl’s and many more.

Using Our EDI Solutions, Your Business Can:

Automate the Order to Cash (OTC) process

Improve accuracy and efficiency by automating the processing of transactions between customers, 3PL warehouses and business partners.

Gain control of rapidly onboarding new trading partners

Avoid risky delays in onboarding or programming to support new trading partners.

Reduce days sales outstanding (DSO)

​Leverage automated alerts and notifications to identify sales invoice issues before they reach your customer and cause payment delays.

Manage by exception to decrease chargebacks and deductions

Advance Ship Notice (ASN) issues or other data errors don’t have to be a cost of doing business. Increase revenue by getting more value out of the supply chain data flowing through your system.

Fewer Canceled Orders

An EDI translator will also provide visibility of inventory to reduce stock outs and fewer canceled orders, allowing you to be ahead of your inventory and on top of your trading partner needs.

Reduce Order Process and Delivery Times

Seamless communication reduces the order processing and delivery times for your organization as a whole. This enables you to exchange more B2B documents and build much stronger trading partner relationships vs. paper documentation and manual entry.

Common Transaction Sets for Retail, CPG and Grocery

1 EDI Source has all the Transaction Set information and free T-set Codes you’ll ever need right here on our website. Here is a list of common EDI standards you can expect to be using.

Want to Learn More About How EDI Can Benefit Your Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Grocery Business?

We’ve taken our popular “EDI 101 Guide” and customized it specifically for the Retail, CPG and Grocery industries. This new guide provides crucial EDI and transaction set information and will help you get started with EDI.

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