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November 1, 2011

Important Reminder Straight from Zappos:

We are making the structure change to our PO number next Tuesday, Oct 11th, 2011. On this date PO numbers will be sent using the new PO structure, allowing the PO number to be a maximum of 22 alphanumeric characters.

We appreciate the feedback from our vendor community about the increase in PO number length. Please note for the immediate foreseeable future we will keep the length at a maximum of 15 alphanumeric characters. The length and context of the new PO format will be variable so please do not develop your solution to

Legacy PO Clarification:

The format for any legacy (old) POs that Zappos has transmitted will remain the same for the life of the transmissions associated to it. For example, if we previously transmitted a PO with ZZZ-123456 before the PO format cutover date, if that PO or a PO change (EDI 860) needs to be retransmitted after the cutover, it will still contain the exact same PO number and format. On inbound documents to Zappos and GS1-128 carton labels make sure the PO character string is sent as received irrespective of the format.


Here is the previous email communication:

In support of enhancements to our supply chain systems Zappos will be changing the structure of our Purchase Order (PO) numbers. We will be switching from the previously used format of 1/10 alphanumeric characters to 1/22 alphanumeric characters. The length and context of the new PO format will be variable so please do not develop your solution to recognize a specific format or character string. Zappos expects that any POs received by our vendors with the new format are returned to us with the updated PO number structure. Failure to return the PO number on EDI documents inbound to Zappos or on GS1-128 shipping labels will cause errors in our systems resulting in delays receiving products at our warehouse and processing invoices in a timely manner.

It is also important to note that any PO you have received in the past that contains the old format of 1/10 alphanumeric characters will NOT need to be resent or changed to fit the new format. We will be able to process EDI documents, scan GS1-128 labels, and receive products under the old format for orders sent by Zappos before the change.

We are currently planning on changing the PO number structure in the beginning of October; however we do not have an exact date. Please plan accordingly so your system will be ready by October 1st, 2011.

If you have any questions about this or concerns please email the Zappos EDI Team at edi@zappos.com.