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May 26, 2016

Facing a migration from your legacy EDI solution?

We know it can be overwhelming, so we’ve developed a visibility solution that will not only reduce the pain, but also smooth out a once bumpy (and painful) transition.

We’ve literally seen every migration scenario possible over the three decades we’ve been focused solely on helping companies perform solid EDI.

Every day we talk to companies stuck with an EDI solution that has either been sunset or they’ve outgrown and are desperately seeking a solution that will not only keep their B2B exchanges efficient and error free, but also be affordable and sustainable. Let’s face it…it’s a daunting task and not for the faint of heart.

We get it, so we’ve developed a solution using our unprecedented visibility tool called intelligentXchange (IX) to help make a smooth transition to our modern, customizable B2B solution, EDI Headquarters (HQ). We can discuss the specifics of those products later, but right now let’s focus on the benefits of using visibility during your migration.

You can:

  1. Review the current errors/alerts that IX identifies in your current flow of business data to avoid making the same issues when implementing these trading partners and document maps within HQ.
  2. Improve access to sample data to use when creating maps and improve the testing process. The more variability in the sample data when testing, the greater the chances of identifying any outliers that often come up during the post implementation support process.
  3. Identify any obscure documents that trading partners have sent you that may have been missed during the initial scoping of the project.
  4. For business users, the immediate access to EDI documents through IX allows them to benefit from the EDI project on Day 1 rather than having to wait until after the migration is complete. Especially for larger migrations that could take months to coordinate.
  5. The integration of the legacy EDI solution and HQ with IX also provides a seamless experience for business users as trading partners are migrated from the legacy solution to HQ, there is no disruption in the display and rendering of the EDI documents.

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