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July 6, 2009

Dear Supplier,

In an effort to assist our suppliers, The Home Depot will send additional information on our US Domestic EDI Purchase Orders. Your EDI 850 document will now contain the ordering method/destination. No information is being deleted from the current Purchase Order so any current procedures in place to identify the PO Type/Destination will continue to be valid. However, beginning on July 6, 2009, supplier will receive an additional EDI segment with new information. If this additional element data does not add value to your processing, it can be ignored.

In the N1 Loop REF segment, a qualifier of AGL will be sent to the REF 01 element. REF 02 values will be one of the following (sample PO code linked):

RDC = Rapid Deployment Center PO
RDC CAR = Rapid Deployment Center PO – CAR
TF/RDC HOST = RDC HOST or Transit Facility PO
TF CAR = Transit Facility PO – CAR
DC = Distribution Center PO (not RDC, TF or Imports)
DC CAR = Distribution Center PO – CAR
DTS HOST = Direct to Store Host Originated
DTS CAR = Direct to Store Host Originated – CAR
DTS STORE = Direct to Store – Store Originated PO

Please confirm that receiving this additional REF segment will not adversely affect your ability to electronically process these EDI 850 documents. For your convenience, the updated EDI mapping guidelines and sample files will also be available on the Supplier Center Web site under Electronic Exchanges>Mapping Specs.. For more information on electronic exchanges with The Home Depot, visit the Supplier Center Web site at https://suppliercenter.homedepot.com.

Questions regarding this initiative can be directed to RDC_Support@homedepot.com

Thank you for your cooperation.

Craig Menear

Mark Holifield

Executive Vice President,
Senior Vice President, Supply Chain