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July 19, 2019

The Home Depot Canada is Providing a New Supplier Dispute Portal for Canadian Suppliers Only.

As of Monday July 22, 2019, The Home Depot Canada will provide Suppliers with a new Canada Merchandise Payable Supplier Portal (CMP Portal) for all Canada domestic/RDC/cross-dock, cross-border, and online purchases of product for resale. Read this post for all the details on the portal timeline, usage and benefits of The Home Depot EDI Update straight from The Home Depot Canada.

What does this mean for suppliers?

Existing THD Canada Suppliers can access the new CMP Portal using your existing user account and password via the existing URL. Once you log on, you will be directed to the new CMP portal, which will contain your company’s existing activity, plus new functionality and tools.

However, The Home Depot suggests that you save the new URL as a favorite in your web browser, to ensure easy and direct access to new log on page.

To facilitate your ease of use with uninterrupted access to THD CMP Portal, the URL to the new portal is https://my.directcommerce.com/Login.jsp?customer=homedepotca.


In order to migrate all of your historical and current account data to the new CMP Home Depot supplier portal, Direct Commerce and THD Canada will close your existing log on account on Friday, July 19, 2019, at 8pm EST (5pm PDT) and your account will remain inactive until Monday, July 22, 2019 at 8am EST.

Benefits and New Functionality

  • End to end workflow from EDI invoice rejects to detail chargeback notifications.
  • Dispute RTV claims no reconciliation sheet or Excel files to handle.
  • Dispute Canceled POs for either full or partial cancellation.
  • Detail chargeback notification is now available by article, including quantity, price supporting deduction at clearing date.
  • Advanced Remittance Advice recreating specific clearing document or search for individual invoice.
  • Submit multi-article/category dispute claim for one chargeback.
  • Contact Us inquiries provide access to various internal THD Canada teams for specific deduction types.
  • System Alerts to Canada Suppliers or a select sub-group Early Pay Offer Program is active and available to you and your company’s CFO/Controller/Treasurer.

If you have any questions about The Home Depot Supplier Portal, you can use the Contact Us feature in the new CMP Portal or email support@directcommerce.com.

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