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March 29, 2012

What are the Healthcare Payers Returning for Version HIPAA 005010?

The New HIPAA Transaction Standards (version 005010) that apply to any HIPAA covered entity are being implemented by the majority of the HealthCare organizations.

For those covered entities that are fully compliant with the ASC X12 Version 005010, and who are accepting and returning transactions in 005010, we are seeing a variety of responses, from Human readable Reports, to the two new acknowledgements with HIPAA 005010—the 999 (005010X231A1) and the 277C (005010X214).

With the 005010 Standards as important part of our software we have helped our Healthcare clients to achieve 005010 readiness. Our Healthcare clients are sending and receiving 005010 transactions successfully.

HQ is the perfect EDI Software to process and translate transactions such as the 999 and the 277CA to your back end system.

Also if your business requires you to generate 999 for HIPAA Transaction Standards (Version 005010), HQ provides the option to generate a Detailed 999 which include AK2/AK5 segments or a Very Detailed 999 for AK3 and AK4 segments.

If you need help during the 005010 transactions, please call our specialized consultants, we can help you with the analysis, testing, and final implementation of the 005010 transactions.