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June 29, 2010

HD Supply Facilities Maintenance regarding EDI Invoicing Issues

As most of you are aware as of Jan 2010 we have migrated to a new system called SAP.

Since that move some of you have been having problems with invoices failing. Most of the failures that I have seen are “ED20 INVALID PART FOR SKU OR MIC “errors.

The reason you are now seeing these is because SAP now validates part numbers.

You must send back on the invoice the exact same part numbers that were received on the PO.

Our AP Department does not have access to these failures so it is extremely important that you monitor those 864 error messages, make necessary corrections and resend those failed invoices in a timely manner.

There are timelines that are attached to you contracts and these timelines can not be met if you do not work with us and actively monitor your invoice rejections.

If you are not sure how to monitor the 864 error messages please talk to you EDI coordinator.