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October 5, 2011

Are you taking full advantage of your EDI system?

Was EDI mandated for you by one of your Retailers so you purchased an EDI solution and implemented as they required, only to look no farther? It’s time to take the next step!

You can mandate EDI to your suppliers thus saving your company time and money. Even if those suppliers do not have EDI capabilities, we can help them. 1 EDI Source can set-up a user friendly, powerful web interface for them to receive your Purchase Orders and send back Acknowledgments, Invoices and even Advanced Ship Notices.

A client recently shared a case study they had done regarding the expense of manually processing and sending their Purchase Orders. They estimated with all the time and labor involved in sending and following up on the Purchase Order that it cost them $15 per Purchase Order. If you only sent 100 Purchase Orders per month, it would cost your company $1500 to process them. With EDI you can save the manual processing! But don’t stop at simply sending the Purchase Orders out… Wouldn’t it be nice to have your suppliers acknowledge receipt of that Purchase Order and send back an estimated ship date or backorder status, not to mention sending you a notice when the shipment leaves their dock?

Please call or e-mail your 1 EDI Source Solutions Consultant today to discuss your unique business needs and what we can do for you! We specialize in custom solutions.

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