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G3 Release Notes

Version 3.3.05, 01/24/2019

Changes since 3.3.04:

[Added] G3: Utility | Tech | Lance
[Fix] Some email filters were pointing to the company field. This has been corrected.

Version 3.3.04, 01/19/2019

Changes since 3.3.03:

[Added] G3: Utility | Tech | Table | Paul

Version 3.3.03, 01/02/2019

Changes since 3.3.02:

[Change] Visually indicated which filters should be used to get unique leads via a bold-blue border.
[Change] Removed all references to the 2017 HTTP (2018 and 2019 are both HTTPS) statistics from G3: Google Analytics | Session by Month.

Version 3.3.02, 11/27/2018

Changes since 3.3.01:

[Fix] Adjusted left margin of all date ranges to fully show all characters.

Version 3.3.01, 11/25/2018

Changes since 3.3.00:

[Added] G3: PPC | Day | Pivot
[Added] G3: PPC | Month | Pivot
[Added] G3: PPC Spend | Day | Stack
[Added] G3: PPC Spend | Month | Stack
[Added] G3: Closed/Won | Pivot | Lance 1
[Fix] Several report filters incorrectly had “Action = 1” filters applied to them. This has been corrected.

Version 3.3.00, 11/18/2018   ●   Data Engine Release

Changes since 3.2.00:

[Change] Returns/refunds are now included in the G3 reports. Please report anything that is affected oddly by the inclusion of these returns.
[Fix] A minor cost discrepancy was fixed by modifying the complex “Action X of X” calculation. Despite being only a minor dollar inconsistency, the problem would have gotten larger over time so a fix was necessary. The totals in G3 now match the totals to SFDC to the penny. Please report any odd “Action X of X” observations.
[Open] There is at least one closed/won opportunity with an ACV value, but no sale amount. This will show up in SFDC reports, but not in G3.
[Open] “Play with this” was removed from the end of “All Opp ACV $ ↕”. This value is still a bit unclear unless it is described. Suggestions for a good title are welcome.

Version 3.2.01, 11/13/2018

Changes since 3.2.00:

[Fix] Some bar graph hover data was not showing the “$” for currency. This has been corrected.
[Migrated] G2: Leads | Week | Bar | Spend → G3: Lead Actions | Week | Bar | Spend –
[Added] G3: Lead Actions | Week | Bar | Spend +
[Change] G2 has been retired.

Version 3.2.00, 11/12/2018   ●   Minor Release

Changes since 3.1.06:

[Change] Orphaned opportunities now have dummy leads associated with them. These leads have “[unknown]” for the Lead Source, Lead Method, and Lead Action. They are tagged internally so that “[unknown]” can be changed at any time, if desired.
[Fix] Removed four pixels from the left margin of the date range to accommodate the last number of the year for dates with wider font numbers.
[Migrated] G2: Leads | Week | Stack → G3: Lead Actions | Week | Stack
[Migrated] G2: Leads | Month | Bar | Spend → G3: Lead Actions | Month | Bar | Spend –
[Added] G3: Lead Actions | Month | Bar | Spend +

Version 3.1.06, 11/09/2018

Changes since 3.1.05:

[Change] Enabled the new GDS “interactions” on all G3 pie charts, tables, pivots, and scatters.
[Fix] The “Lead Actions | Day | Stack” olympic order was sometimes not sorting properly. This has been corrected.
[Fix] The “Lead Actions | Month | Stack” olympic order was sometimes not sorting properly. This has been corrected.

Version 3.1.05, 11/08/2018

Changes since 3.1.04:

[Rename] Closed/Won… → Close/Won…
[Rename] Close/Won | Table | Closed → Close/Won | Table | Closed 1
[Added] G3: Close/Won | Table | Closed 2

Version 3.1.04, 11/05/2018

Changes since 3.1.03:

[Fix] Corrected misspelling: Barn → Bar
[Migrated] G2: Leads | Month | Stack → G3: Lead Actions | Month | Stack

Version 3.1.03, 11/01/2018

Changes since 3.1.02:

[Change] For report pages that reference opportunities, “Sales #” of “# Sales Total” is now accurate as of 2:00 am on the day the report is run.
[Change] The # of sales and total $ sales are now updated nightly for all leads.
[Change] The “Lead in SFDC” filter was on some report pages twice. In those cases, the left instance has been removed.

Version 3.1.02, 10/30/2018, 9:00 pm

Changes since 3.1.01:

[Change] Swapped the order of “Lead | Day | Bar | Spend +” and “Lead | Day | Bar | Spend -” in the sidebar in G3.
[Migrated] G2: Leads | Month | Bar → G3: Lead Actions | Month | Bar
[Migrated] G2: Leads | Month | Bar | Compare →
G3: Lead Actions | Month | Bar | Compare

Version 3.1.01, 10/28/2018, 9:00 pm

Changes since 3.1.00:

[Change] Week reports now default to year-to-date instead of the total year.
[Migrated] G2: Leads | Day | Stack → G3: Lead Actions | Day | Stack
[Migrated] G2: Leads | Week | Bar | Compare → G3: Lead Actions | Week | Bar | Compare

Version 3.1.00, 10/27/2018, 9:00 pm   ●   Minor Release

Changes since 3.0.03:

[Change] Finalized “Closed/Won | Scatter | Closed” report page.
[Migrated] G2: Leads | Day | Bar → G3: Lead Actions | Day | Bar
[Migrated] G2: Leads | Day | Bar | Spend + → G3: Lead Actions | Day | Bar | Spend +
[Migrated] G2: Leads | Day | Bar | Spend – → G3: Lead Actions | Day | Bar | Spend –
[Migrated] G2: Leads | Day | Bar | Compare → G3: Lead Actions | Day | Bar | Compare
[Migrated] G2: Leads | Week | Bar → G3: Lead Actions | Week | Bar
[Deprecated] G1: Special: Amazon EDI – Page 1
[Deprecated] G1: Special: Amazon EDI – Page 2
[Deprecated] G2: Leads | Day | Area
[Deprecated] G2: Tech | Table | V1

Version 3.0.03, 10/25/2018, 9:00 pm

Changes since 3.0.02:

[added] Created “Closed/Won | Table | Closed” report page.
[added] Created “Closed/Won | Scatter | Closed” report page.
[change] Date range labels have been modified to provide greater clarity.

Version 3.0.02, 10/21/2018, 9:00 pm

Changes since 3.0.01:

[migrated] G1: Google Analytics Website Sessions by Month →
G3: Google Analytics | Sessions by Month

Version 3.0.01, 10/20/2018, 9:00 pm   ●   Major Release

G3 will serve as the platform for all Google Data Studio reports. The goal is to migrate at least one report a day from G1 and/or G2 into G3, making use of the latest queries and data linkages. When a report is migrated, it will be deprecated in the old system and the data no longer able to be confidently relied upon.

Be aware that there will be some data changes in the reports as they migrate to G3. Many of the ways in which actions and leads in the G1 and G2 systems were linked (if at all) to leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities in SFDC have been perfected.

Changes since 2.2.05:

[added] Created “Closed/Won | Pivot | Owner” report page.
[added] Created “Closed/Won | Pivot | Owner +” report page.
[added] The email link to SFDC is now prefixed by [o], [a], [c], or [l] based on if the underlying URL links to an opportunity, account, contact or lead in SFDC.
[added] Added “Lead in SFDC” filter. This was in the G1 and G2 systems, but was absent in G3.
[change] New naming convention.
[change] Finalized data extraction and merge methodologies.
[change] Reorganized report pages.
[change] “Lead In SFDC” is now “Yes” if the action/lead matches any of the following conditions: opportunity in SFDC, account in SFDC, contact in SFDC, or lead in SFDC. Previously, “Yes” was returned solely based on a lead being found in SFDC. Any links in G3 will go to SFDC in that order (opportunity to lead), if it makes sense for that report. There are many accounts in SFDC without leads attached to them.
[change] The “Organic – Reddit” lead source has been rolled up into “Organic”.
[change] The “Organic – Yahoo” lead source has been rolled up into “Organic”.
[change] The “Organic – Wikipedia” lead source has been rolled up into “Organic”.
[change] The date range selection is once again specific to the current report page. Making the date range persistent between pages proved to be cumbersome.

Version 2.2.05, 10/19/2018, 11:00 pm

23 actions had invalid relationships between the lead action, SFDC contact, and/or SFDC account. Four of the entries were linked to a $40K Raytheon sale. Three entries were linked to accounts with several dollars of opportunities. The entries were manually repaired, but the cause of the invalid links was not uncovered.

92 leads from 2013 and 2014 were actually viagra ads from a bot that simulated lead submissions. These were manually deleted.
Updated SFDC links to reflect new SFDC 1edisource.lightning.force.com URLs.

Fixed several phone actions with email addresses that slipped through NULL value instead of “unknown@unknown.com” (aesthetic).

Version 2.2.04, 10/14/2018, 08:48 pm

The “Week | Bar | Spend” graph was displaying monthly total spend for every week. This has been corrected.

Version 2.2.03, 10/13/2018, 01:15 am

Performance improvements.

Version 2.2.02, 10/10/2018, 03:32 pm

Added Company and Email filters.
Changed “Demographics” to “Lead Info”.
Minor page reformatting.

Version 2.2.01, 10/08/2018, 11:46 pm

All pages functioning properly. Please report any issues.
New feature: Filters now persist through pages.