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G2 Leads Release Notes

Version 2.2.05, 10/19/2018, 11:00 pm

23 actions had invalid relationships between the lead action, SFDC contact, and/or SFDC account. Four of the entries were linked to a $40K Raytheon sale. Three entries were linked to accounts with several dollars of opportunities. The entries were manually repaired, but the cause of the invalid links was not uncovered.
92 leads from 2013 and 2014 were actually viagra ads from a bot that simulated lead submissions. These were manually deleted.
Updated SFDC links to reflect new SFDC 1edisource.lightning.force.com URLs.
Fixed several phone actions with email addresses that slipped through NULL value instead of “[email protected]” (aesthetic).

Version 2.2.04, 10/14/2018, 08:48 pm

The “Week | Bar | Spend” graph was displaying monthly total spend for every week. This has been corrected.

Version 2.2.03, 10/13/2018, 01:15 am

Performance improvements.

Version 2.2.02, 10/10/2018, 03:32 pm

Added Company and Email filters.
Changed “Demographics” to “Lead Info”.
Minor page reformatting.

Version 2.2.01, 10/08/2018, 11:46 pm

All pages functioning properly. Please report any issues.
New feature: Filters now persist through pages.