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June 29, 2010

Food Lion & Hannaford Brothers AS2 Updates

Delhaize America is consolidating supply chain systems at their Food Lion and Hannaford Bros. companies which will require changes in the current AS2 profile used for EDI communication.

Attached you will find the updated AS2 profile and the current AS2 certificate. You do not need to add a Hannaford Bros. or Food Lion AS2 profile based on this notification. The only new AS2 profile you will need to add is for Delhaize America.

Please use the following guideline to determine if you will need to add the new Delhaize America AS2 configuration for use beginning on 9/1/2010.

— EDI documents sent to ISA ID ZZ—HANNAFORD – Use current Hannaford Bros. AS2 profile

— EDI documents sent to ISA ID 14-0034485600000 – Use current Food Lion AS2 profile

–EDI documents sent to new Delhaize America ISA ID 07-5400110000009 – Use new Delhaize America AS2 profile and current Food Lion/Hannaford Bros. certificate

No AS2 connectivity testing will be performed. We will closely monitor our AS2 traffic and notify you of any issues that are found.

Once you have reviewed this documentation you can refer any AS2 questions to ascomm@foodlion.com.

Download Documentation:
Delhaize Group AS2 Configuration Info.doc