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March 30, 2009

Look-Up Groups Make It a Snap to Create Outbound Documents!

WebSource has many tools and options available to make handling your documents easier. Did you know there is a way to make the creating of outbound documents that have numerous related fields to fill out a breeze? Using extended look-up groups can increase your efficiency, as well.

Your WebSource technical consultant can create extended and normal look-up groups for use in outbound transactions. These will be tailored to your specific needs and the requirements of your trading partner.

WebSource clients have used extended look-up groups to help them fill in ship-to and bill-to information, as well as product detail information. These extended look-up groups can be used for outgoing purchase orders, invoices, advance ship notices, to name only a few transaction sets.

If this is a need of yours, our consultants will work with you to obtain all the needed information so that creating your documents will be more user-friendly. It will also be specifically catered to your needs. This is ideal if you need to maintain item dropdowns based off UPC numbers.

By selecting the value for that one field, it can cause the other necessary fields to be populated at the same time. A normal look-up group is created in a similar way, however, it is only used for individual fields rather than multiple interconnected fields based on one value.

The most unique feature about using the look-up groups is that once they have been created, your consultant can give you administrative account controls in order to update and maintain the information in the dropdowns. If something changes in the data or needs to be added, you would simply have to go into the setup and update the information yourself, rather than contact your consultant to have him or her update the information for you. If you have any questions or would like more information on how extended look-up groups may be able to help you with your transactions, call your EDI Technical Consultant.