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September 25, 2012

The 1 EDI Source electronic data interchange (EDI) web-based application helps Status Men’s Accessories cut redundancy across business processes and save time.

Status Men’s is one of the first clients to use EDI/PX™ since its official launch in August 2012.

About Status Men’s Accessories
Status Men’s is a wholesale company that sells cuff links, ties, jewelry, wallets and other accessories to retail stores including national chain K&G Stores.


For years, Status Men’s relied on a retail management system (RMS) to assist with handling purchase orders as well as tracking and managing inventory. The company’s staff spent countless hours manually inputting customer, inventory and point of sale data as well as creating and printing shipping labels.

In addition, Status Men’s process was built heavily around a long-time staff member who held in-depth knowledge about the company’s products, item numbers, trading partners, etc. This employee’s expertise was a true asset to the company. However, because no other staff member had the same knowledge, it was difficult for Status Men’s EDI process to function seamlessly when this individual was on vacation or otherwise out of the office.

Over the past year, Status Men’s expanded its product line and the number of trading partner transactions. The RMS could no longer effectively and efficiently support the company’s growing needs. The company also outgrew its highly manual process which was primarily managed by one employee. In addition to having the capability to handle a high volume of transactions, the company needed a solution that could streamline its time-consuming and often redundant processes for managing EDI transactions. Status Men’s primary objectives were to implement an EDI solution that could: (1) automate manual processes; (2) save time; and (3) cut costs.


Status Men’s chose to use our web-based software, EDI Partner Exchange (EDI/PX) because it offered the flexibility and robustness of a sophisticated EDI software system, without the complexity.

Our newly launched EDI web-based application offers a summary dashboard that highlights key events, transactions and reports. EDI/PX allows users to save time by creating purchase orders and easily building invoices, advance ship notices and other critical business documents directly from the information received in the purchase orders. With this web-based application, users also can view EDI transactions from their iPads and define alert criteria for transactions and events. In addition, EDI/PX offers enhanced self-service capabilities such as user password reset and 24/7 shipping label direct print and export features.

Clients also can choose from various add-on tools to download data into QuickBooks®, FedEx® or UPS WorldShip® systems; manage shipping schedules and export labels for email submission. EDI/PX is a versatile application that functions effectively with any workflow process, handles a variety of shipment types and supports ship destination quantities.


Today, Status Men’s does not need to waste time on redundant business tasks. “The greatest benefit of 1 EDI Source’s solution is that it has helped us increase productivity by eliminating redundant and time consuming manual data entry,” said Beth Strobel, office manager, Status Men’s. “Before using EDI/PX, we spent countless hours manually pulling and printing purchase orders and invoices, but now we have significantly decreased that time; allowing us to focus on other business tasks.”