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October 20, 2010

Available now, another in the long line of EDI/HQ™ enhancements!!!!

As we strive to make our software as useful and flexible as our clients need it to be, we have listened to your requests for more control over user access to the software.

Following these requests for enhancements, the Development Team here at 1 EDI Source, Inc. recently added Role Based Security to our EDI/HQ™ software. With this improvement, you have the ability to set permissions for each end user.

Most of the time, only a few employees need to have full Administrator access to EDI/HQ™. The rest require use of less of the available features. With role based security, you can limit such access.

An Operator needs permissions to run processing of the EDI, but not the ability to change maps or Trading Partner settings. This, too, can be specified. The need to have a role for users who would only View the system and not be able to change a thing is also useful.

In this scenario, you can set the permissions for each individual user or group.

Your EDI Administrator would have full access to the system. He or she could make changes to the system setup, trading partners, jobs, processes, file definitions, filters, etc., as needed. Your next tier would be your Map Designers.

These employees are your EDI professionals and would have the ability to create and edit maps, in addition to having all the options that the Operators group would have – authorization to run sessions, assign maps to trading partners, add and edit file definitions, processes, jobs, etc. Operators may include departments such as Accounts Payable/Receivable and Shipping. Your last group would be the Viewer group. This set of users cannot make changes, but can view the data, trading partners, jobs and processes and also run reports. Your Sales group might fall into this category.

Without a doubt, Role Based Security can protect your EDI system from those who may not fully understand the consequences of their actions while, at the same time, also give these very people the information they need in order to do their jobs. You control the access for each group, giving you confidence in your choice of EDI software – EDI/HQ™. With high level security, your data is safely stored in the translator.

Call your Consultant today to discuss the roles necessary for your company!!