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September 27, 2012

The 1 EDI Source electronic data interchange (EDI) web software supports Lakeview Center’s improved productivity and process efficiency by providing a “manage by exception” system that operates optimally without human interaction.

About Lakeview Center Inc.

Lakeview Center Inc. is a network of behavioral health, vocational and child protective services. These services address a broad spectrum of human needs, reflecting a longstanding commitment to helping people overcome life’s challenges. The Florida-based organization offers more than 50 treatment and vocational programs to provide solutions for children, teens, adults and seniors. Lakeview Center is an affiliate of Baptist Health Care, the largest, non-governmental employer in northwest Florida.


Lakeview Center was faced with the challenge of implementing an electronic data interchange (EDI) solution that could effectively and efficiently handle the receipt and integration of EDI Health Care Claims (EDI 837 – Institutional and Professional formats) mandated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). In addition, the center needed a solution robust enough to handle the volume and types of documents required to be processed. This encouraged Lakeview Center to search for EDI software providers that could offer a solution that was maintainable in-house. After an extensive search and demonstration process, Lakeview Center found 1 EDI Source’s EDI/HQ to be the most viable solution.


Lakeview chose 1 EDI Source and its EDI/HQ software because it offered a user interface that was simple to use and manipulate. The center also appreciates the easy-to-use data mapping tool and the software’s ability to transfer data into any format. For example, EDI/HQ has the flexibility to transfer not only ANSI data, but also transfer flat files into ANSI data. In addition to the technology, the center praises 1 EDI Source for its responsive and helpful technical support team.

EDI/HQ software empowers businesses to control every aspect of their EDI operations. Designed as three tools in one, EDI/HQ features EDI translation capabilities, data mapping and integration, and in-depth data management capabilities.


Today, Lakeview Center no longer needs to manually enter or manipulate EDI data. “By implementing EDI/HQ, we have definitely streamlined processes and improved the organization’s overall productivity,” said Mike Bailey, business analyst, Lakeview Center. “The software has truly eliminated the need for manual entry which has led to greater efficiency in our workflow processes.”