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August 25, 2008

EDI HQ Software in Action

The Oatey Company is a large company; however, many of their vendors and customers are not large enough to incorporate the use of EDI.

Much time is spent on manually sending and receiving paper invoices. Because Oatey has the capability of supplying data files containing invoicing information, 1 EDI Source was able to provide them with the solution of using electronic invoicing (or E-Invoicing) for their non-EDI-capable trading partners.

1 EDI Source used Oatey’s existing software and created a map for EDI Complete that takes their invoicing data and adds it to an e-mail file template like the one below. The file is then e-mailed to the appropriate customer or vendor.

This problem was easily solved with the use of Macro Substitution operators in EDI Complete’s Map Designer.

First an HTML template was built for use during mapping. The template information is then loaded into memory using an operator in EDI Complete’s Map Designer.

Additional operators insert the specific information from the individual invoices into the loaded template. During processing, the electronic invoice is written out to a file for automatic email to the customer or vendor.

Implementing this solution has saved Oatey time previously spent generating and mailing paper invoices.