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March 4, 2008

1 EDI Source makes accessing your EDI data and managing your daily EDI transactions as simple as email.


EDISource constantly strives to provide simple and effective EDI Solutions, and EDI WebSource is no exception. EDI WebSource is 1 EDI Source’s leading-edge Web Based EDI Service. The enhanced user interface of EDI WebSource was designed with the end user in mind, allowing the web-based platform to help companies of all sizes:

    • Minimize Human Error
    • Reduced administrative EDI Costs
    • Lessen time spent on daily EDI tasks


The homepage is displayed as an inbox, which is organized into folders based on Trading Partner and Transaction Status so you can see “at a glance” new transactions that have been received. Just like an email, the new transactions will appear as unread messages and will be bold until the transaction has been read or action has been taken. This ensures all documents have been processed.


EDI WebSource presents your EDI data in a clean and easy to read format, rather than Raw EDI data. AND EDI WebSource’s innovative design allows you to utilize the information from an existing transaction as the source of a new transaction. For example: By using the turnaround drop down feature, the critical EDI information from an existing EDI document can easily be used to populate a new transaction such as an invoice or Advance Ship Notice.


EDI WebSource also has been designed with ASN functionality built in, making 856 Advanced Ship Notices and labels a snap!


With built in validation EDI WebSource will not allow you to send or create an incomplete document. Reduce data entry errors and effortless turnarounds make EDI WebSource an efficient choice.