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February 15, 2012

EDI Download Agent for QuickBooks

Is your company currently using QuickBooks for your invoicing needs?

When using EDI, the 810 transaction is the Invoice. An 810 Invoice indicates to the buyer details about the purchase. There are an infinite number of possibilities that can be included in the 810 invoice. Some of the commonly used elements are item, quantity, price, vendor number, and address. The 810 Invoice is created easily on the Website, using the information that was received on the Purchase Order.

At 1 EDI Source we have Software that will take your 810 Invoice and download it to your QuickBooks. Just imagine what you can be doing with all this saved time and money. There will be NO MORE re-keying the same information into different places. This helps reduce errors, hence making the Company run more efficiently. At 1 EDI Source we try to make invoicing as easy as possible for everyone.

The information is simply downloaded from our Website to your QuickBooks. All we need is a copy of your QuickBooks layout, and all the fields will be filled in automatically.

WebSource also gives you get one dedicated consultant. That consultant will be there for the implementation, the testing, and will still be there for any questions you will have in the future.

If you have a dedicated consultant and would like to learn more about how simple it is to integrate your 810 Invoice with your QuickBooks invoicing, call your consultant today. If you would like to have your own dedicated consultant, please contact us today at 1-877-EDI-1EDI.