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May 1, 2012

Are you considering becoming a drop ship vendor?

Drop ship vendors often ship and deliver merchandise from a manufacturer directly to the buyer, without passing through the warehouse or the distributor. This is most common with internet-based retailers and network marketing.

When you are a drop ship vendor, one of the shipping requirements might be a packing slip. Packing slips are commonly used for an itemized detail of the package contents. General information that a packing slip could contain would be: customer name, customer number, company name, ship to address, item number, item quantity, unit of measure, item price, item description, payment terms, order number, date ordered, date shipped, etc.

Some trading partners require other special fields such as: custom gift messages, special handling instructions, barcodes, logos, return labels and/or return instructions, and much more.

At 1 EDI Source we are fully capable of creating the packing slip for you. We can add the trading partner’s company logo if that’s needed. We can add a special message from the buyer to the person receiving the product. There can be information from the trading partner on how to return the item if needed. A return label can even be included on the packing slip.

The trading partner often requires packing slips be created to their specifications and placed in the carton. This way the customer knows what was shipped, from where it was ordered, how many items they are receiving in this shipment, if any items are backordered, return policies, logos, phone numbers, websites, and much more various information.

Contact 1 EDI Source if you have any trading partners that are requiring you to use packing slips. With over 20 years in the EDI industry, we have worked with many companies and have assisted with their needs. I am sure that we can help with any questions or concerns that you may have! Call your consultant today.