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June 5, 2012

1 EDI Source takes pride in making sure our products work effectively for every client situation.

Integrating into a client’s ERP system is a normal procedure for our company and it can help the client make their EDI setup work more efficiently for their company’s needs.

Tibi, LLC is a high-end women’s fashion company that has been an EDI HQ client since 2007. Tibi was seeing their business and fashion line grow by leaps and bounds. They had the need to integrate incoming Purchase Orders they were receiving from retailers into their fashion software ERP. This would not only help them fulfill orders, but keep track of their inventory in a more organized manner. They also wanted to eliminate any order entry into the ERP which would eliminate any keying errors.

We worked closely with the team at Tibi, as well as the consultants who were in charge of gett05ing their ERP system up and running. While discussing many options to get this accomplished, we agreed that mapping an additional copy of the EDI that’s received in a text file to an FTP connection would be the best way to get that data over to their ERP system. They had the capability to take this data and pull the item information that was needed to track their item inventory and help get the orders prepared with their warehouse.

We continue to work with Tibi, LLC in growing their business and provide them the dedicated support and assistance year after year.

“I love working with 1 EDI Source! Everyone there has always been so helpful and pleasant. They help us to manage the relationships we have with our vendors, which is such a blessing! Would highly recommend them to anyone.” – Jennifer Knowles – Tibi, LLC

If your business is in need of a way to integrate incoming orders into your backend ERP software to make order fulfillment easier, we can help! Our qualified and knowledgeable EDI Consultants can get working with your Trading Partners and get you a better solution for your needs without any additional hassle. Call 1 EDI Source today to see what solution would be best suited for your business at 877-334-9650.