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January 17, 2012

Making the EDI Process as Simple as Possible

1 EDI Source is the leading provider for dedicated support and assisting our clients with any changes they need to make sure they continue to be compliant with their trading partners. We work closely with existing clients to change the way they do their documents and our EDI Mapping to make any business changes necessary as Trading Partners and Industry’s change.

Integrated Services, Inc. has been a longtime client of ours doing 210 Invoices within the Automotive Industry with GM and Delphi. Due to the changes that the automotive industry has made in the past couple years, ISI needed to make changes in the way they do their invoicing to be compliant. We worked with Thomas at ISI to not only change the file that he was creating in his accounting system that we were processing into EDI, but we worked with both GM and Delphi to make sure the EDI was formatted correctly for their systems.

The dedicated support that we provided to ISI not only eliminated any possible problems with GM and Delphi in regards to their invoice information and EDI, but it also ensured that they would get paid on time and not be delayed due to a non-responsive third party EDI provider. Thomas at ISI credits our fast response time as one of the many reasons why his company continues to do business with 1 EDI Source year after year.

“I wanted to take a minute to express our thanks to Shannon H. for all of the help she has provided over the last couple of years with our EDI systems.”

I first talked to Mike P. in May of 2007 regarding using 1 EDI Source as our solution for creating and managing 210 maps for two of our largest customers, GM and Delphi Automotive. They each use a third party payment service which is not always the easiest to work with. With the recent downturn in our economy GM and Delphi each went through some name changes and the way they process and handle transportation invoices. Shannon was always extremely helpful in changing, adjusting and testing the new map formats.

Over the past 24 months she has helped us create 210 maps for extra stops, added fuel surcharges and special expedited lanes in which Delphi changed from a spot buy system to one in which a special PTA number was given. Shannon always helped us create a format that was accepted and allowed our invoices to be processed on time. I also want to point out that she reacted quickly every time a change was needed. I never had to wait for a call back or make an appointment. Our business changes so quickly from day to day with the transportation side and the warehousing that when someone steps right in and finds a solution as quickly as she does its very appreciated.”
Thomas Dick (Vice President Integrated Services, Inc.)

If your business isn’t experiencing the help or support you feel your company deserves, we can help! Our qualified and knowledgeable EDI Consultants can get working with your Trading Partners and get you a better solution for your needs without any additional hassle.

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