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May 4, 2011

Making the EDI Process as Simple as Possible

1 EDI Source is the leading provider for customer service and making the EDI process as seamless as possible. We help our clients understand the need for EDI and guide them through the steps in order to be EDI Compliant with their Trading Partners.

BCP Imports was seeing their business and their product demand growing when they contacted our sales team. BCP Imports, home to the product Silly Bandz, had a couple Trading Partners requesting they become EDI Compliant.

Our sales associate recognized how important it was to evaluate their needs and help them select the right solution. Being new to EDI, BCP Imports was a great candidate for our EDI HQ solution, EDI HQ is designed for companies of all sizes needing to meet EDI requirements within a short time frame while getting all the benefits of an integrated software solution.

Additionally, as with all our products and services, a dedicated consultant would be available to guide them through the process and answer any questions for them regarding the EDI process. Often our EDI WebSource consultants work with clients who are first starting out with EDI and help them understand what EDI does and how it will positively affect their business.

“1 EDI Source makes getting set up with new trading partners very quick and simple. Our dedicated consultant, Shannon, always provides exemplary service.
1 EDI Source consistently does everything in their power to make sure our EDI needs are as painless as possible.”

Thanks, M. Vincent (BCP Imports, LLC)

After BCP Imports decided to start their partnership with 1 EDI Source, our dedicated consultant started working immediately on communicating with their Trading Partners and getting their EDI setups done in the most efficient manner.

They set up a couple more Trading Partners and were grateful for the unlimited support and user friendly setup that 1 EDI Source was able to provide. BCP Imports is able to rely on 1 EDI Source and is grateful they had somewhere to go with all of their EDI questions.

Does your Business need to be EDI Compliant and you have questions or need help getting the process started? Our qualified and knowledgeable Key Account Representatives can evaluate your needs and suggest a solution that will fit your business and EDI needs. Call 1 EDI Source today at 877-334-9650!