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October 27, 2008

EDI System Monitoring

Customer service is well defined at 1 EDI Source Inc., and daily system checks are an excellent example of the kind of customer service that you, the customer, receive on a regular basis.

Going into a your individual EDI system and making sure that processes are running correctly, reports have been sent and received, and transactions have been made, is the best way to ensure you are getting the service you deserve, and the care that is needed for the most stable EDI environment.

Some systems are checked three times a day (or more), and with great detail, to ensure you that your entire EDI lifeline is cared for personally, and that any problems will be resolved before they become a liability to your production. Additionally, there are a number of alerts that will be set up to automatically notify your team of consultants of issues should there be the need.

For example, a server error occurred on one of our clients’ EDI system which involved the tasks not running as scheduled.

The EDI consultant checking the system logged on late on a Saturday night to do the normal nightly checks, and found the problem. He quickly called the 1 EDI Source consultant assigned to that particular client and relayed the problem to them. As it turned out, the problem had happened less than an hour before the discovery.

Because we focus on details and make sure to do a thorough and complete check, the problems were dealt with quickly and professionally. Unsent transactions, server errors, unresponsive programs, and server connection issues are attended to quickly and proficiently, and all because we really do care about you, the customer, and make sure that your EDI concerns are in good hands. The client didn’t have to get involved or worry about the problem.

It was fixed quickly and without consequence, and the customer enjoyed the luxury of knowing that we take great pride in our customer service, as well as always striving to fix any issues as soon as possible.

A reliable and first class approach is taken daily in our workplace. This mentality is applied with every customer, regardless of size or complexity, and can be counted on at 1 EDI Source Inc. Daily system checks are a superb example of why 1 EDI Source Inc. is the premier provider of EDI software, solutions, and of course service.