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Complete EDI Supply Chain Integration Solutions

Gain advanced visibility across your entire supply chain

Better manage your supply chain with the Supplier Portal from 1 EDI Source. Regardless of whether your suppliers are nonintegrated self-service suppliers or are currently integrated, you can now fully integrate all your suppliers in one place using the Supplier Portal from 1 EDI Source.

EDI RB2B integration
EDI Modern Solutions  

The Supplier Portal includes:

  • Supplier Hub for nonintegrated suppliers
  • Integration Hub for integrated suppliers
  • Advanced Intelligence for processes and transactions
  • Supplier Enablement, including:
    Recruiting services
    Provisioning services
    Support services
    Professional services


Improve supply chain flexibility with data-driven decision

  • Know immediately if suppliers will meet your needs
  • Monitor supplier performance against delivery, accuracy, and more
  • Integrate all members of your supply chain to ensure consistent measurement
  • Use integration data to determine which suppliers to maintain or remedy
  • Gain visibility without being required to reimplement a current solution
  • Achieve greater connectedness to drive accountability

Open new opportunities for growth

  • Gain competitive advantage by quickly responding to changes in customer demand
  • Expand your network of customers by integrating with popular internet marketplaces
  • Protect your company against the next downturn by improving customer responsiveness

Drive cost savings and increase productivity

  • Ensure that orders, shipments and invoices all match
  • Make sure your supplier isn’t charging for any unauthorized items
  • Guarantee that your supply is matching your demand and changes
  • Certify suppliers to your processes

Ensure supply chain resiliency

  • Achieve visibility into supply regardless of supplier
  • Attain visibility regardless of the size or technical prowess of your suppliers
  • Add new suppliers quickly and easily to achieve visibility

Engage technologies that help you grow

  • Allow your internal IT resources to concentrate on developing the core parts of your business
  • Never worry about your data, backups, disaster recovery or other infrastructure challenges
  • Ensure that your key solutions are always kept up to date and secure
  • Ensure that your capital dollars are spent in the most efficient manner
  • Take advantage of newest technologies to ensure that your business is always in front of the competition