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August 4, 2010

ApparelMagic EDI Solution

For companies is in the clothing industry, there are several software systems available to fulfill their accounting requirements. One of these programs is ApparelMagic.

ApparelMagic allows its users to take sales orders, create their own styles, track inventory and many other tasks that are vital to the day to day operation of the company. It can make running a clothing business that much more efficient.

For all of its advantages though, there is one thing that ApparelMagic cannot do on its own: be EDI compliant. What happens when your biggest customer tells you that they will be sending Purchase orders via EDI, and you must accept them that way? You had better have a solution!

1 EDI Source, Inc. can take care of this for you! We have numerous clients who use ApparelMagic as their company’s backbone. We are familiar with the system, and most likely have encountered a set up similar to your own.

Let 1 EDI Source handle this EDI issue for you.

We will supply you with the formats your customers require, and will work with them to guarantee everything is set up correctly. Whether your customer simply wants to send in Purchase orders to you via EDI, or they want your company to support a wide array of EDI documents, 1 EDI Source will take this burden out of your hands.

Your company has a great tool in ApparelMagic, and you take advantage of its many uses on a daily basis. When the need arises for your company to become EDI compliant, your solution is a phone call away. Call us at 1 EDI Source, Inc. We are here to help you make your ApparelMagic system more useful than ever! …