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February 22, 2008

EDI Software or EDI Service, what IS the difference and which solution is best for you?’

1 EDI Source has recognized the need for a variety of EDI solutions and offers products that range from fully integrated EDI software and EDI outsourcing to streamlined web-based EDI services. EDI providers that cannot offer products for all arenas attempt to mask the limitations of their one specific solution with creative product positioning and decorative descriptions.

The features and benefits of both EDI software and web-based EDI services have been outlined below:


    • True Data Mapping: the ability to create and maintain EDI data maps locally and to subsequently transform EDI data utilizing the maps
    • Ability to do lookups, data conversions, price validation, etc. against your system
    • Ability to perform all functions in an automated and unattended mode
    • Offers true integration via file exchange and/or a direct connection to your database(s)
    • Does not require data entry
    • Does not require an Internet or direct connection to your EDI provider
    • Offers automatic error notifications
    • Offers automatic email notifications and reports
    • Web-based: can be accessed through the Internet only
    • Cannot map EDI data
    • Customer support included
    • Requires an Internet / direct connection to your EDI Provider
    • Ability to turn documents around using a “forms” approach
    • Any integration requires an additional step
    • Requires some data entry
    • Mapping or version updates are only performed by your EDI provider
    • Web-based service will not work if the Internet is inaccessible

There is a major difference in functionality and capabilities between EDI software and web-based EDI services. 1 EDI Source has recognized these differences and the specific need for each. By developing both EDI software and web-based EDI services, 1 EDI Source can be a long-term EDI partner. The solutions are simple, effective, and scalable so that the transition to a more robust EDI implementation is a natural progression as your company evolves.

Let the experts at 1 EDI Source guide you through a simple investigatory process to assist you in selecting the right EDI solution for your company.