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November 27, 2013

Are you being required to send out (214) Shipment Statuses of your trucks?

Let 1 EDI Source help you with your Shipment information. We can display your Load Tender (204) in our PartnerXchange EDI system. It will provide you with specific information pertaining to the shipment, when to be picked up, and the date and time to respond by.
You can then send a Response to a Load Tender (990) back to either accept or reject the load. Our EDI/PX system processes every 10 minutes. You can always send back a quick response and not have to worry about missing the load.

You can also send the Shipment Status (214). Notify your Trading Partner of where the truck is at all times. When it is leaving, and when it should be arriving at the next destination. Finally, letting them know when the truck is at the final stop and the delivery is completed.

The Freight Invoice (210) is then easily created from the load tender. This will send the invoice to the Trading Partner for the Shipment.

PX gives you one dedicated consultant. That consultant will be there for the implementation, the testing, and will still be there for any questions you will have in the future. If you would like to learn more about how easy it will be for you send EDI data for your shipments, please Contact Us today!