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June 9, 2010

Have you been considering a move from EDI Complete to EDI/HQ, but are hesitant due to all the data, processes, and unique programs that you currently have in place with EDI Complete? Have no fear! The same folks who created EDI/HQ™, have also created a migration tool for bringing everything currently setup in EDI Complete into EDI/HQ!

If you decide to migrate to EDI/HQ, your highly experienced consultant will perform the migration for you. They will test all of your unique settings as well as the basics of your EDI Complete setup to make sure that everything works as intended in EDI/HQ. Once testing is complete, you can experience 1 EDI Source’s next generation of EDI software and its abundance of new features and user friendly interface.

This will allow you to take advantage of the Dashboard, Duplicate ISA and Transaction Key checking; the new alert system; and all of EDI/HQ’s new advancements, while still being confident that your EDI is being processed normally and without change – just as it was in EDI Complete. This is simply another way that 1 EDI Source has worked to improve your experience with EDI.

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