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September 10, 2009

EDI Integration

The true power of EDI is only realized when all inbound and outbound documents are processed in and out of a business’ system with little to no operator intervention.

One of the cleanest and most efficient ways to do this is through an ODBC connection to your backend system. Your 1 EDI Source EDI Consultant can work with you or a Database Administrator (DBA) at your organization to discuss the options available. It is as simple as defining the tables we will be accessing through EDI/HQ and generating an integrated map that will insert the EDI data directly to the tables. Using a database schema that would be provided, we are able to create a map that takes the data and formats it exactly as needed.

Through this same method, EDI/HQ can also pull information directly from the database tables for use in mapping an outbound EDI transaction.

In certain situations, some solutions have utilized staging tables for the map to populate with the EDI data. This allows the client to control the business rules applied to the data and also when and how this data will be available for use within their backend system.

If you would like more information regarding integration through the use of an ODBC connection, please contact 1 EDI Source and speak to one of our highly qualified EDI Consultants.