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March 29, 2012

EDI Transaction Query Process

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are expecting a certain document at a certain time, only to be left searching and wondering why it hasn’t come through yet? Have you ever wished there was some type of an e-mail alert that can be customized all the way down to checking for a specific Transaction Set for a specific Trading Partner?

Maybe you expect an 856 to go out between 8:00 – 10:00 AM and would like an easy way to be notified whether it did or did not process. The folks at 1 EDI Source Inc. have created a solution just for this type of problem.

Carrying on with the tradition of keeping 1 EDI Source’s Products on the cutting edge, the developers at 1 EDI Source Inc. have created the Transaction Query process for EDI/HQ ™. This process will allow you to set it up with great detail; so that you can narrow it down to looking for that big batch of 850’s that should have come in today, or to make sure that 856’s have gone out in the last half hour.

We, at 1 EDI Source Inc. have strived to create our software with the customers’ greatest needs in mind. We want EDI/HQ ™ to be as customizable and user friendly as possible. That means that we would love to make it easier for you to monitor your most important EDI documents without having to parse through data. Instead, you can receive a simple e-mail telling you that the files have processed. The Transaction Query process does just that.

Please, contact your 1 EDI Source Inc. EDI Consultant to inquire about this and the many other groundbreaking features that EDI/HQ ™ has to offer.