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July 11, 2012


EDI/HQ has some awesome capabilities when it comes to being able to set up new trading partners, creating Jobs and Processes and being able to Copy/Import/Export existing setups already in place.

When creating jobs and processes, instead of creating a whole new Job from scratch in EDI/HQ, you can take a current job and copy it and all the processes and file definitions associated with that job will be copied. Then you can make changes to tweak the copied job to fit your new trading partner’s requirements, instead of recreating an entire job and processes.

The same holds true for Trading Partner and T-Set setups. If you find that you have a trading partner that is using the same T-Sets as one of your established Trading Partners, you can copy that T-Set and tweak it for the new Trading Partner.

This is just one of the many great features of EDI/HQ software. Contact your consultant to learn about many more!