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February 15, 2012

The new map designer has a brand new look!

Inbound mapping tool is now easier than ever. Some of the brand new cutting edge features include the ability to drag and drop when building your inbound map.

You are able to view your EDI data window, output preview window, able to view the listing of all mapped elements.

You are able to view the segment and element definitions within the main map. You also have the ability to adjust the window locations and sizes to fit your preference.

Within EDI/HQ’s groundbreaking new map designer, you can view the current EDI transaction and data that you are working with. You now have the ability to select a merged view from the Data menu.

This view will show all of possible segments and elements that can be sent based on the standards. This opens up the option of selecting elements that may occur but are not in the current transaction set.

Defining the detail loop, is as simple as highlighting the segment and right click. Smart conditions can easily be replaced by an E-Path query.
The new mapping tool is rich with many new features!

Please contact your consultant today to learn more about the new features with EDI HQ and the new mapping tool!