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March 6, 2013

Are all of your business dilemmas and conundrums kept in a box labeled ‘EDI’?

1 EDI Source, Inc. provides a positive alternative to processing dilemmas and conundrums, such as:

File Management – Identifying structures and patterns that align your business processes and meet your trading partners requirements. Controlling the import, archive, and filing of critical data.

Communications – Recognize those transactions that are mission critical to business, transport the data securely, and reliably, using the best transport methods available.

Mapping – Deploy a world class mapping tool, capable of validating data content before it reaches your business application.

Integration – Certified by business software developers (SAP, Red Prairie, and others) for integration with business applications.

Scheduling – Jobs can be scheduled using file based or time based scheduling.

1 EDI Source, Inc. has the expertise and resources to answer the hard questions, and provide the require results. Gain control at the very beginning of EDI development. Define the workflow for your transactions. Use exception reporting to restrict interruption, because the majority of transactions processed will be successful.

We, at 1 EDI Source, Inc., are ready to work with you to eliminate all of the dilemmas and conundrums from your company’s EDI process.

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