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July 6, 2011

Your business is expanding and you find yourself sitting down at the negotiation table with retailers such as Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus; the next step will be finding not only a reliable EDI solution, but also a solution that is cost effective.

If you are a current business owner, or even startup company looking to get your product onto the shelves, you are in the right place. 1 EDI Source offers a robust variety of EDI software and services that will cater to your specific needs.

At 1 EDI Source we take pride in the fact that we offer dedicated EDI consultants to our clients. We are not a call center so you can expect to work with an experienced consultant specifically assigned to you for the entire length of the setup process, start to finish. However the support does not end when the setup is completed, our in-house support team will continue to be here for any help you may need in the future.

Star America, Inc. is a growing company dedicated to providing high quality hosiery products. They originally had a need to send EDI to a single trading partner, but quickly expanded to multiple trading partners, with more expected in the near future. 1 EDI Source’s EDI solutions are scalable and flexible; capable of growing with your company and providing seamless expansion.

“Star America, Inc. has been using 1 EDI Source, Inc. EDI solutions for just a few months. In that time, we have been very pleased with the level of service received.”

“This is our re-entry to EDI with a many year lapse in usage and we decided to return to 1 EDI Source, Inc. as our provider due to the positive experience from our first entry years ago.”

“Our EDI consultant, Derek L., has been over the top with meeting our needs. There has been nothing that we needed that he was not able to provide, and if he could not meet the need, he was honest to tell us instead of trying to provide a muddled solution.” – R. Efird, Star America, Inc.

Do you need a flexible EDI solution that will grow with your needs? Contact 1 EDI Source today!