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February 15, 2012

Ensure EDI Success

When faced with the task of implementing EDI transactions for a customer make sure all the tools to accomplish the task are immediately available to you.

Never begin an outbound transaction process, just knowing your application data. If your customer has not supplied an implementation guide, request one from them. Never assume that the customer data requirements are the same as yours, or that their business processes are the same.

Without an Implementation Guide to follow, you only know one side of the trading partner relationship.

Starting an EDI project with a blank sheet of paper is the surest way to miss deadlines, extend project milestones, and erode the confidence in EDI within the company.

Your company will incur ALL of the EDI development cost of the project, because the customer will ask for more and more revisions to the transaction, or in the worst case scenario decide to switch transaction sets, until the data finally meets their application needs. Let 1 EDI Source guide you through the process, and help you avoid the pitfalls of the blank sheet of paper.

With our world class products; EDI/HQ for translating and monitoring EDI, AS2 Complete for event driven communications, and ASN Complete for shipment reporting and label processing; and over 25 years of experience, 1 EDI Source can produce positive results for all facets of your business.