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November 24, 2015

Protect your EDI investment with these four alert categories.

You wouldn’t drive your car and ignore the dashboard, right? If the gas light comes on you get gas. Or, when the engine light appears you drive to the shop. Cars come with these alerts to help protect your investment. But, did you know your EDI comes with similar alerts? You just need to ensure they are properly set up to realize the full value. So here are what we believe to be the top four alert categories and what they mean.

Base Alerts.

Applied to every server regardless of purpose or who uses the server. One of the two most common base alerts include ‘Connectivity Checks,’ a simple ping test gauges the time it takes for a ping request to respond and identify how many are lost. The other is ‘System Resource Checks’ that monitor the system resources and sends an alert if disk space, memory, network or CPU exceeds a predetermined threshold.

Service Alerts.

Applied only to the servers that have the specified service installed; for example, we have a farm of Web servers and for that group it’s important to ensure that the WWW Publishing Service is running, however it’s not important to be running on other platforms like a Terminal Server.

Application Alerts.

Applied only to the servers that have the specified application installed and operates much in the same way as a service alert, used to check that the application is indeed installed and for license compliance.

Custom Alerts.

Applied to very few servers and are typically one-off configurations. Most monitoring software allows for the creation of groups or profiles to make the setup, deployment and management of the alerts less cumbersome. For example, you might have a profile named Base Alerts that has monitoring configured for Connectivity, CPU, Memory, and Disk usage. Once that profile is created, it simply involves adding that profile to the server you want to monitor. Make sure you’re getting ROI from your EDI by ensuring your dashboard and alerts are set up for optimal performance. Our EDI experts can talk you through the details.

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