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August 11, 2011

Important EDI Updates Straight from Dollar General

We are making a change to our 810 invoice – both the DC delivered invoice and the drop ship invoice. We are adding the REF segment so that the DG vendor number can be included in the document. This should alleviate any issues with nonpayment due to “matching” between the systems by allowing our backend systems to read one number rather than match on vendor name from our EDI profiles to our accounting profiles (they don’t always match).

We regret the lack of notice but the drop dead date for this project is August 24th , 2011. Please work with your DG Business to Business Analyst to test and move this to production as quickly as possible. Below you will see the section of the specs that we’re adding and attached you will find copies of the DC 810 and the DSD 810 which include the REF segment.

Please set up a time to test with your Business to Business Analyst.

If you do not implement this change by August 24th, your invoices will fail.

REF01 “IA” Internal Vendor number
REF02 Dollar General Vendor number. (If you do not have your vendor number, please contact your DG EDI Analyst.)

Dollar General Business to Business Analysts

Partners A – K
Tracy Isenberg
tisenber@dollargeneral.com Partners L – Z
Lori Reynolds

Thank you,

Tracy Isenberg
Business to Business Analyst (Vendors A-K)
Dollar General Corp.